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May 20th, 2014 by Amateur Swinger

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March 2nd, 2016 by Amateur Swinger

hairyMake no mistake about it, there’s actually a lot of science in achieving a successful booty call on BootyCalls.net. You might be scratching your head and thinking out loud, “How can this be? Isn’t a typical booty call just going to a website, picking a chick that’s ready to fuck right there and then, picking up the phone, setting it up, going to the appointed place, and doing the deed?” It’s pretty straightforward, very mechanical, and almost too easy.

Well, the problem with that is that there’s actually quite a bit of science involved. I’m not talking about science in terms of mechanical science. I am talking about psychological science. There’s a lot of biochemistry involved.

You see, women respond to certain signals that guys send. Women also are biologically geared towards sex with dominant men. These are called “alpha males”. If you have the appearance and indicators of an alpha male, then chances are very good that women who are looking for a mate would want to fuck you. Since most booty call websites and adult dating sites cater to women who are looking to mate, then that part of the equation is taken care of.

The only issue left is whether you’re sending the right signals. This is where science comes in. When you look at behavioral sciences regarding alpha males, there’s a clear pattern. They act a certain way. They have certain body language. You have to simply adopt the age-old technique of monkey see, monkey do to have all this science work for you.

Pay attention to how they work with their hands, how they stand, their posture, and their tone of voice. Believe it or not, there are some women whose clits get all excited when you achieve a commanding tone in your voice. This has been validated by science. Sadly, a lot of guys are completely blind to this and this is why most of them end up alone and masturbating late at night. It’s a pathetic situation. They only need to apply science to their frustrations and they would be fucking more often.

You have to take all these different signals, your tone of voice, what you talk about, eye contact, your body language, as well as what you’re wearing, to achieve that alpha male trigger in the minds of most women. Make no mistake about it, most women are looking for alpha males. They’re looking to bang that alpha male. Be that alpha male by applying a little science to your game.

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