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It’s nuts just how much the live cam site industry has grown. Unless you are deliberately trying to find the most outlandish niche or fetish out there then it is almost certain that you will not just find one channel or performer that tickles your fancy but an entire selection of live porn to choose from.

I decided to have a look at the blondes section and of course there were tons, why wouldn’t there be. I kind of assumed they all would either be Russian or North American but it turns out there are girls from everywhere you might expect to find blonde girls, like this one from Sweden, which may be renowned for their blonde girls but I’m not so sure how well known they might be for porn.

These days though it seems it doesn’t matter where from, sex is certainly universal and we have come quite a long way as far as being more liberal and open minded is concerned and such I should perhaps not be so surprised. it’s just that it never used to be this easy, we’re spoilt now!

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